About John

Like his character, Sandalrella, John Delery [here with the cover designer, Melissa A. Vitale] is a nerd who loves words, his favorite playthings. In
a previous professional life, he wrote stories for newspapers (ancient, foldable word-storage devices; ask your parents) on a computer the size
of a mini refrigerator. He is not on Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, but you can follow him
to sandalrella.com to read his third book and first YA novel, novelette, whatevs.


About Larissa

Larissa Clause is an illustrator and
graphic facilitator who lives in northwest
New Jersey. She loves empowering stories
and lighthearted fantasy. Follow Larissa at https://www.instagram.com/skelebirddraws/


About Amelia

Amelia Fins is a senior at Montclair State University, where she is studying Animation/Illustration. She was an editorial illustration intern for Study Breaks, an online magazine for college students by college students. A freelance Illustrator, and aspiring children's-content creator, Amelia is seeking full-time employment in the animation and publishing industries as a character/environment designer or children's book illustrator. See Amelia’s work at ameliafins.com. Follow her on Instagram @ameliafins.


About Kai

A graduate of Montclair State University
in New Jersey, Kai Texel studied animation
and illustration. Her artwork, which she has
been selling since 2012, focuses on character design. Kai aspires to create cartoons and
video games, her passions. Follow her at kaitexel.tumblr.com and instagram.com/kaitexel