About the book

When Sandalrella Twain, a restless and ambitious senior at the Kimye High School for Celebrity Journalism and Other Nonsense Americans Consider News, becomes stranded in the Big Appletini™ after losing her lifeline — a loaner smartphone — she must stop texting, start speaking, and learn to trust her astute inner voice to return home from her fantasy field trip, in this young-adult satire.

Follow her on her adventure for only $5.99; that's half the price of a large pizza, people.


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Welcome to Sandalrella: Perceptions of a Teenage Famepire, a young-adult satire. It’s the incredibly truish story of the search for fame, fortune, love, and, most important, finding your voice in an avalanche of texts and tweets!

Sandalrella yearns to flee Picayune, Pa., and her nemeses, the Gorgon Triplets. She also bravely and amusingly faces the apprehension that girls with the same healthy but persecuted physique feel when they stare at a mirror and fear they need shapewear to squeeze into their clothes and, worse, to fit the preposterous body image the media project onto young females. Along the path to stardom, Sandalrella learns that she is so much more than a fame-obsessed, cell-absorbed, text-crazed teen. But who isn’t, agreed?

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John Delery